XSDM Professional Salon Neck Duster Brush for Hair Cutting, Soft Neck Cleaning Brush

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Product Description


  • Professional Barber Neck Duster Brush: It is designed for cleaning hair on your face and neck after hair cutting, without any itch. It very suitable for small broken hair around the ears, neckline and shoulders.
  • Clean up hair effectively: Soft and gentle barber neck dusting brush, easy to dust loose hair after cutting, trimming or shaving,without harm to skin.The bristles not easy shed off.
  • Unique design: The bristles are made of high-quality materials, soft and comfortable. Unique handle design, ergonomic curve, non-slip, comfortable grip.
  • Smooth touch: Our premium neck duster is specially designed not to irritate the skin and to easily reach every place for the ultimate cleaning.
  • Easy to clean: This hair cleaner doesn't retain hairs and it's Eco friendly. You can clean it just by keeping it under water for a few moments. This duster is perfect for shaving and hair cutting and it's a must-have in every barber shop or salon.
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