XBS Professional Hair Scissors From Italy Hair Styling Scissor HSB01-5 Inches For Hair Dressing

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"XBS Italian Hair Styling Scissor HSB03-5 Inch High Tempered Rust Free Long-Lasting cutting performance Great for hair stylists and barbers also Use for Beard Grooming Scissors GOOD Quality Of Hair Cut Scissors With Plastic Handle & Stainless Steel. The Offset handle provides superior comfort wile preventing fatigue in shoulder, hand And Wrist. This method of sharpening scissors is done by hand, and the advantage is to give a smooth and precise cut that reduces damage to the hair together with a durable sharpness scissors.Smooth Stainless Steel Handle Stainless Steel Blade Male Boys, Men, Girls, Women, Baby Boys & Baby Girls Barber Hair Cutting Professional Salon Scissors with Beard and Mustache Cutting and Trimming Scissor. "

  • XBS Perfect Hair Scissor Made from High Grade Stainless Steel Barber Salon Hair Cutting Scissors Professional Quality Razor Edge Personal Home Hair Cutting Tools.Comfortable and feels good in hand to give an outstanding performance when used to cut and style hair.
  • "Razor Edge convex hollow ground blades made from high grade steel to deliver perfect cuts.No need to sharpen the blades when they go dull as they can be easily replaced. "
  • The Scissors are the perfect beginners model for everybody who would like to start cutting their own hair.Our scissors are made from high quality stainless steel. The razor sharp blades provide the perfect cut to the tip. Whether you are cutting fine or thick hairs, these scissors with do the trick for all types of cutting where precise control is needed.
  • Classic A shaped and light weight bring you great balance feel and high freedom.
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