New XBS Professional Ultimate Hair Care Kit (Shampoo + Hair Conditioner + Hair Oil)

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XBS Professional Hair Care


Product Description

XBS Professional Hair Care

XBS Professional Hair Care STRENGTHENING HAIR CARE KIT FOR SMOOTH HEALTHY HAIR Formulated to help moisturize and protect weak, limp hair. Rich in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamin E that support healthy hair. Helps to smoothen hair cuticles to make hair glossy and lustrous. Help to improve hair texture and strengthen the strands. Get strong and lustrous hair with Xbs Onion Oil Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Oil. This Ultimate Onion Oil Hair Kit may help tackle hair loss, scalp buildups and dull, weak hair. These three products, formulated with natural ingredients, helps strengthen hair follicles and clarify blocked roots. It is infused with red onion extract with strong antioxidant properties that help protect the scalp and hair, promotes blood circulation to the roots. Black seed oil rich in fatty acids nourishes scalp and roots. Sweet almond oil keeps the scalp and hair conditioned. It can be used to hydrate the roots and scalp and help make hair look healthy and lustrous. Red onion extract, black seed oil aid in rejuvenating tired scalp and weak hair. Suitable for all hair types, this shampoo cleanses and moisturizes your hair and scalp and helps to improve hair texture. Use this Ultimate Onion Oil Hair Kir to help improve hair texture and strengthen the strands. KEY INGREDIENTS Red Onion Seed Oil ExtractRed Onion Seed Oil Extract - Rich in flavonoids, sulphur-rich compounds and vitamins B, C, D & E; helps to strengthen strands, unclog blocked roots and manage scalp infections. Black Seed OilBlack Seed Oil - Has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties; helps to reduce hair loss, excessive dryness, dandruff and scalp eruptions, support hair and scalp health. Jojoba OilJojoba Oil - Rich in vitamins B, C & E, also contains minerals like Copper and Zinc. Improves hair vitality. Olive OilOlive Oil - Hydrates hair intensively. Reverses damage inflicted by heat treatment, pollution and styling products. Excellent for reducing hair loss and boosting hair thickness. Almond OilAlmond Oil - Rich in vitamins A, B1, B6 & E, facilitates better nutrient absorption for stronger, glossier and softer hair. Pro-Vitamin B5 (D Panthenol)Pro-Vitamin B5 (D Panthenol) - An essential nutrient that helps strengthen roots, boost hydration to make hair softer and stronger. Pro-Vitamin B5 (D Panthenol)Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (gluten-free) - Is an antistatic and conditioning compound with lightweight protein derived from wheat kernels. It is a deep conditioning agent that helps to improve moisture retention, hydrate the hair shaft and form a protective barrier. This assists in repairing hair damage and boosting hair thickness. Coconut OilCoconut Oil - Rich in medium chain saturated fatty acids that help hydrate hair intensively. Castor OilCastor Oil - Rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and essential fatty acids including omega 6 to give rich nourishing scalp care.

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