Aroma Aina Professional Active Aloevera Herbal Massage Cream With Vitamin E {900ml}}

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Aroma Aina Professional


Product Description

Aroma Aina Professional

  • It moisturizes rough and dead skin cells.
  • Improve blood circulation to your skin.
  • Tones the skin and keeps it tout and healthy adding a subtle glow.
  • It releases toxins that cause break outs.
  • This product gives soothing and relaxing to your tired and dull skin and its natural moisturizing and cleansing properties helps to rejuvenate your skin and counteracts premature ageing.
  • PRO-TIP:
    Take An Appropriate Amount Of The Cream On Your Finger Tips And Apply All Over The Face And Neck. Massage With Firm Circular, Upward And Outward Movement Till It Is Completely Absorbed In The Skin.
  • How does Aloe Vera beautify the skin ?
    Aloe Vera  is extracted from the medicinal Aloe Vera plant's leaves by process of squeezing. This is extremely useful in a number of ways. For the Skin, Aloe Vera is no less than a medical factory having cure for almost every skin problem possible. Aloe Vera has the following benefits: Healing and cooling action: Aloe Vera cures chapped and dry skin by providing it essential moisture and cooling it from within while healing it. Aloe Vera removes the dead skin cells which get accumulated on the skin and make it dull and prone to acne and irritation. Aloe Vera soothes and cools the skin facilitating a faster healing. Best Natural Skin Moisturizer: It's moisturizing property is commendable because after curing the pimple and acne prone skin, it also moisturizes it. It penetrates deep in the layers and helps in nourishing the skin from within, imparting a kissable glow.
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